• Baby stroller seat design

    Baby stroller is one of the means of transportation, mainly by the sun shade, cushion, basket, dust cover composition. The baby stroller can be adjusted according to the activity state of the baby. It can play, sleep, eat and carry out a series of activities in the stroller. When you go out to pl...
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  • Still struggling with car storage? Here are some ways to keep your car clean and tidy.

    Now with the development of society, every family will have a car to travel. Nowadays, people will put many daily necessities in the car for daily work, travel and business trips. For a long time, the car will be very messy. For car lovers, the car has almost become their second home. So of cours...
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  • Love car is exposed to the sun, the car is there a need to put shade?

    May has entered the second half of the country is generally hot weather, some areas have appeared 40 degrees of high temperature, which also tells us that summer is really coming!As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the car is no longer as comfortable as in spring.The car because the interior s...
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  • 2021 New Stroller Cup Holder Launched

    2 different ways attaching to pram/stroller: anti-slip strap on or clip on, see below images. 2 cup holders construction - outside & inside: you could customize any color you like for the inside & outside, which could be your symbolic color for brand... see image...
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  • IBTE International Baby Products & Toys Expo (Guangzhou)

    IBTE International Baby Products & Toys Expo (Guangzhou)

    IBTE International Baby Products & Toys Expo (Guangzhou) Exhibition Date: 6th,April,2021 - 8th,April,2021 Benno Booth Number: 14.2H34 IBTE(Guangzhou) The largest and most influentia...
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  • 2021 Benno Showroom

    2021 Benno Showroom

    Launched with latest packaging designs. We have more than one hundred and fifty items in our showroom, mainly in Travel Car Accessories, Stroller Accessories, On the Go Accessories and Nursery Accessories. We are keeping to develop more new product lines in the next years and would like to be the...
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